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Nelia Beth and Joel Discuss Religion, Ethics and Philosophy

Although the first six letters of “professor” makes it clear, the central duty of a professor is often misunderstood or forgotten. Professors are those with a distinctive point of view which, as experts in the field, are qualified to advocate for, argue, and teach. In other words, a professor is one who professes. In this blog, we openly express our own positions on issues in ethics, religious studies, and philosophy—our areas of expertise.




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Joel J. Heim holds a Ph.D. in Social Ethics and a master's degree in Christian Theology. His areas of specialization include the ethics of war and peace, political and international ethics, public policy analysis, church and state issues, and technology and ethics.

He is a life-long educator having served as a public high school teacher, religious educator, and college professor in the fields of religion, philosophy, and education at universities in California and Wisconsin. He has taught a wide range of religion and philosophy courses. Throughout his career, he has worked to become a master teacher.

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