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While we are building a course, enrollment is FREE for that course.  However, once a course is completed, free enrollment will end.  So check out which course(s) currently have free enrollment and take advantage of this great offer.

College-level religion and philosophy courses are presented in vibrant and engaging multimedia e-learning formats.

The courses draw from long-time college professors Nelia Beth Scovill's and Joel J. Heim's experience teaching face-to-face semester long classes that included semester-long projects, class discussions, and exams.  

These e-learning courses allow you to learn at your own pace and to engage in as many or as few of the activities as interests you.

It will take us some time to develop these courses.  While we are doing the development, we are offering you FREE access to courses that are in development.

Learn More about the nature of our courses in the boxes below.


Explore Big Ideas such as:

  • the nature of reality
  • the meaning of life
  • the nature of being human
  • the ability to know things
  • the nature of good and evil
  • the existence of God
  • existence after death.

Such ideas are at the heart of the liberal arts whose purpose is to prepare us to be free persons, whole in self and prepared to live as social beings.  If those questions intrigue you, then you have come to the right place.

Studying religion and philosophy will help you participate in a twenty-first century world that is increasingly global, diverse and multicultural, and is confronted with profound issues.


Access College-Level Courses.

Courses in religion and philosophy are taught in colleges and universities, but most people do not have access to them.  College Religion and Philosophy provides you with access to these courses.

Here you will find college-level religion and philosophy courses presented in vibrant and engaging multimedia e-learning formats. You can progress through the material completely on your own time schedule.  The material is available to you 24/7.

Moreover, you are free to do or skip any activity in the courses.

The courses are developed by Joel J. Heim, Ph.D. and Nelia Beth Scovill, Ph.D., both long-term college professors.

Online Learning

The Nature of Our Courses

Our courses are presented in vibrant and engaging multimedia e-learning formats.

Our courses include interactive feedback and discussion boards where you can engage the ideas with others involved in the course.

The courses are designed for personal and professional enrichment and do not provide any college academic credit.

  • Learn about big ideas, even if you did not go to college.
  • Learn now because you are at a different place than when you were in college.
  • Learn to practice and prepare for college courses.
  • Learn to supplement your current college studies.

See What Our courses are like

In order to a get a sense of what our courses are like, you are invited to try a sample Content Session below.  This Content Session is "The World’s Religious Traditions" from our Journey Through Religion course.

Content Sessions are what we call the "lecture" part of a college course.  We do not call these lectures because they are so much more than a professor speaking to you.  Perhaps they could be called multimedia lectures as they often include a mixture pictures, graphics, music, video and interactive elements.  Professors Heim and Scovill used all these techniques when they taught traditional courses on campus. Nevertheless, because what we do here at College Religion and Philosophy is so different to what is often depicted as the boring college lecture, we decided we needed a new name and so the nomenclature of Content Session was born.

The Content Session below is in video format.  This is not the format that you will encounter inside our courses.  There you will be able to do things like control the speed, move backwards and foward and interact with certain elements. Nevertheless, this wil give you a good understanding of the nature of the content sessions inside our courses.

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